Pear Board

We're always trying new things!

This is why we introduced the Pear Board.
You can use this page to find a subject specific study partner.

You might be looking for more!

Accountability is great! But a subject specific partner can be incredibly beneficial.

  • You can exchange study notes and ideas with them.
  • Someone you can get academic help from.
  • A partner you can study and revise with.

This is how you get started!

Firstly! Check if there is anyone studying the same subject as you. If there is, you can ask Team Tupear to connect you.

No one there? Don't worry! You can make your own post! Just tell us:

  • What type of learner you are.
  • The subject you're studying.
  • The academic level you're at in that subject.

I'm ready!

Great! Whether you see someone on the board or want to make your own post, you need to join the community.

We're so generous, that we will still find you an accountability study partner when you join.